Tapestry Playthrough

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Rules we Missed

  • First player to complete an era gets a resource
  • Some technology cards have a requirement that your neighbor has a specified technology

BGG Clarifications


Black Angel Play Through

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What did we miss

  • You can change the color of die. Draw a card of the original color. I think the only way to do this is using a tech tile.
  • It is enough to “own” a Mission Card in order to activate it, you don’t need to have a ship there. From page 10: “If you choose to activate a card with an activation mission, you must respect the following conditions … You must have a robot or ship on this card.”
  • After taking an Advanced Technology tile, immediately replace it with a new tile from the deck.
  • When an Advanced Technology tile is ejected, immediately place it on one of the 3 Advanced Technology spaces on your player board (limit 1 tile per space). The space you choose determines the maximum VP this Advanced Technology tile can earn during end game scoring. This maximum starts at 4 VP, but each of your Mission cards that are ejected from the Space board that you place beside this space increases this maximum by 2 VP. Each Advanced Technology tile not ejected at the end of the game, and each Advanced Technology tile that is ejected after all 3 spaces are occupied by tiles can earn you a maximum of only 4 VP at the end of the game.
  • If you can not pay the cost of a ravager card, you can sacrifice a victory point
  • Each hex can only accommodate up to 2 different player’s Ships.
  • f you must place 1 Damage cube on a damaged action (an action which already has 2 Damage cubes), you must place the cube on a die in the same-color supply. This die is damaged! If during Sequence B, you must roll a damaged die, you lose 1 VP, and the Damage cube returns to the supply. Damaged dice are only ever found in the supplies
  • When the endgame is triggered, finish the round in progress, then play a final round. During this final round, if you are required to perform Sequence B, you can instead simply pass (but only in this final round!). Even if there are still dice in players’ compartments, the game ends after this final round

Some FAQs from BGG

This is more of a clarification for the Neutralization mission card

– When the card ejects, the owner of the card receives the benefits listed on the left, while everyone with a ship docked on the card receives the benefits listed on the right. This means if the owner still has his/her ship docked on the card then they will receive the benefits listed on both sides of the card. IF the card only has one space for benefits listed (not split to left and right) then the owner and everyone with a ship there receives the benefits listed and the owner only gets the benefits once, i.e. the owners docked ship doesn’t provide any extra benefit of still being there, therefor this is one reason for the above question “Can you move ships off mission card?”.

Can you activate a mission card you control without having a ship there?

– I believe the answer is yes, I haven’t seen a clarification on this but I am not sure there needs to be one. The rules state, “You must have a robot or ship on this card.”

See: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2243008/moving-zero-black-angel-and-not-placing-mission-ca