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Name Amerigo (2008)
Complexity 2
BGG Rank 13970
Player Count 2 - 4

This game has been published by dV Giochi as a reward for winning the 2007/2008 edition of the Gioco Inedito – Best Unpublished game contest.Powered by Lucca comics & Games and dV Giochi, the contest aims to identify the best new card game design from all prototypes received and to reward it by publishing the game in a fully professional and high-quality format, overseen directly by dV Giochi. All prototypes submitted must conform to the technical and style requirements, fixed components and a given theme which changes every year. Everybody can join the contest and this is a great opportunity for emerging game designers to see their idea published. For more information:



Winner of Gioco Inedito 2007 "Age of Exploration", now published under a new name Amerigo. Named after famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

Winner of GAMES Magazine "Best New Family Card Game" award 2010.

Description from BoardgameNews.com:

"It's time to hit the waves once again for a round of nautical exploration. The title comes from Amerigo Vespucci, and like that famed explorer, you must travel the world to search for goods. (Unlike him, you won't have a couple of continents named after you.) The farther you explore, the more likely you are to find goods of better value, but you have to make it back to market if you plan to sell anything, so don't wander off too far."

Game Summary

Cards have a picture of a boat, 1-3 captain's wheels, and 1 of 5 goods types (in differing rarities in the deck). Start with a hand of ... 4? On your turn, either sail (start a voyage if you're not on one, or continue the current voyage) or market (if you're not on a voyage).To sail further, play a card with the ship moving to the right -- #wheels adds to distance of voyage. May play out of your hand, or from your score pile (play face down; counts as 3 wheels). OR, explore: rotate last card clockwise, draw cards from deck (2 x distance sailed, hand limit 12). After exploring, must sail home; cards played count 2xwheels -- home when you've played at least the distance of the voyage. Upon arriving home, draw bonus cards (hand limit still applies):

- if voyage was longest distance of all current voyages, 1 card.

- if voyage was 7 wheels, 1 card; 8 wheels, 2; 9+ wheels, 3.

If Marketing, add cards from hand to display; max 12 cards on display. Sort by type of goods. OR, sell cards already on display: sell all possible. Rarest good (looking at all markets on table) worth 1 coin per card. Most popular worth 1 coin/2 cards. All others are common, and worth 1 coin/3 cards. If tied for rarest/popular, goods become common. Sold goods are flipped over to represent coins (added to your score pile) or discarded.

Game ends immediately if, after the first time through the draw deck, all players are at home at the same time; or the 2nd time through the draw deck. Make final sales, with all cards left in hand and on display worth 1 coin/4 cards.

Most money wins.

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