Game Details

Name Cry Havoc (2016)
Complexity 3.2727
BGG Rank 636
Player Count 2 - 4
Mechanism(s) Area Majority / Influence, Area Movement, Auction/Bidding, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Events, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Variable Player Powers, Victory Points as a Resource

Cry Havoc is a card-driven, asymmetric, area control war game set in a brutal science fiction setting. Each player commands one of four unique factions with varying abilities and units. The game includes 54 custom miniatures, a large format board, and over one hundred unique cards, all with stunning new artwork.

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Lists with this game

Organization Year Ranker Rank List
The Dice Tower 2018 Tom Vassell 75 Top 100 Games All Time (2018)
The Dice Tower 2016 Tom Vassell 4 Best of (2016)
The Dice Tower 2016 People's Choice 9 Best of (2016)