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Location: Staff Favorites row 2 - H
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Name Summer Camp (2021)
Complexity 1.9167
BGG Rank 2442
Player Count 2 - 4
Mechanism(s) Deck Construction, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Open Drafting, Race, Track Movement, Variable Set-up

Find your cabin assignment, wring out your swimsuit, and relive the days of canoeing, friendship bracelets, and s'mores with Summer Camp, a competitive deck-building game in which players race to earn merit badges and collect the most experience points to win. Each player has their own deck of cards to play, and as the game progresses you add new cards to your deck to make it even stronger.

Summer Camp differs each playing as the game includes seven different merit badge decks along with the base deck: adventure, arts & crafts, cooking, friendship, games, outdoors, and water sports. Each game uses three merit badge decks that can be mixed and matched for unique gameplay scenarios.

To win, players must earn the most camp experience points, points that are gained by claiming merit badges, advancing your pawns along the merit paths, and buying cards. Devise your strategy, build the best card combinations to outplay your opponents, and rule the summer as the ultimate camper!

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