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Name Heaven & Ale (2017)
Complexity 3.2332
BGG Rank 289
Player Count 2 - 4
Mechanism(s) Grid Coverage, Highest-Lowest Scoring, Once-Per-Game Abilities, Rondel, Tile Placement, Track Movement, Turn Order: Claim Action, Turn Order: Pass Order

You have been assigned to lead an ancient monastery and its brewery. Now it's your time to brew the best beer under God's blue sky!

The fine art of brewing beer demands your best timing. In order to get the best results of your production, you have to provide your cloister's garden with fertile resources and the right number of monks helping with the harvest — but keep your brewmaster in mind as he is ready and eager to refine each and every one of your barrels!

In Heaven & Ale, you have to overcome the harsh competition of your fellow players. There is a fine balance between upgrading your cloister's garden and harvesting the resources you need to fill your barrels. Only those who manage to keep a cool head are able to win the race for the best beer!

—description from the publisher

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