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Name Aerion (2019)
Complexity 1.9545
BGG Rank 1435
Player Count 1 - 2
Mechanism(s) Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Open Drafting, Push Your Luck, Set Collection, Solo / Solitaire Game

You are an air-shipwright, that is, an inventor of flying machines used by the dreams to traverse the skies of the Oniverse. You have been challenged to build a new fleet, the most beautiful ever seen. Now you must roll the dice to acquire the components you need to build airships.

In Aerion, a solo/co-operative game for 1-2 players, you must find the best blueprints, acquire the finest construction materials, and recruit the best crew. Discarding cards can adjust your die rolls, but be careful not to exhaust your resources! Can you build the best fleet?

Aerion includes six expansion modules with new options and challenges.

—description from the publisher

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