Game Details

Name Web of Power (2000)
Complexity 2.4441
BGG Rank 783
Player Count 3 - 5
Mechanism(s) Area Majority / Influence, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Network and Route Building

Players struggle for influence over regions of Europe by placing two different type of control markers, Monasteries and Advisors. Monasteries are the basic placement, with the goal of securing a majority in a region or chain of monasteries or even decent points from second place. The placement of the Advisors is more restricted as the total number of Advisors in a region is limited by the majority player's number of monasteries. The game is played in two rounds and is very fast paced.

Online Play (turn-based)

Implemented bonus maps: China, Hellenia, Skandinavia, America, AD 850, Life on Mars, Big in Japan, Soviet Union (Against AI)

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Web of Power: The Vatican

Web of Power: The Duel

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