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Name Compatibility (1996)
Complexity 1.1176
BGG Rank 3023
Player Count 3 - 6
Mechanism(s) Simultaneous Action Selection, Team-Based Game

Play is in teams of two. Each person has a deck of picture cards. Each deck has the same set of pictures. There is also a deck of word cards with words like "marriage", "de facto", and "pimple".

A word is chosen and each player chooses 2-5 cards from his/her deck. Teams score points for choosing the same pictures, and score extra points for putting the pictures in the same order (from most to least important).

The board is used to keep track of the score, and to dictate how many pictures a team may select. First team to the end wins.

Re-implemented by:

Compatibility 15th Anniversary Edition

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ID Name Rank Weight Year API
2604 Compatibility 3027 1.1176 1996 Source

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