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Name Pow Wow (2006)
Complexity 1.1509
BGG Rank 3559
Player Count 3 - 8

This is a revised edition of Coyote with some variances. Some describe it as an inversion of Liar's Dice.

Wearing their decorative feathers, Indian tribes gather regularly for Pow Wows to talk, celebrate and dance. There are also competitions for determining who is the bravest, the strongest, or the cleverest. Join the Pow Wow!

Each player gathers around and draws a random feather card. Each places it, without looking at its face value, upon their forehead affixing it on their headbands. You see everyone's feather cards except your own. Now the bidding and bluffing and the guessing begins... On your turn, you can either challenge the previous player's bid or increase that bid. When a challenge inevitably occurs, everyone takes off their feather cards and totals up the values to determine whether the bidder or the challenger has lost. Whoever loses gets a buzzard affixed to his/her forehead and whoever gets three buzzards is out of the game. The cleverest of this Pow Wow is the last person not kicked out of the game.



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31545 Pow Wow 3554 1.1509 2006 Source

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